How to get to our practice

Sanadent is situated on the corner of Przyjaźni and Skrajna Streets, just off Krzycka Street.

By car:

  1. from the city centre – go along Powstańców Street and turn into Krzycka Street, right up to the end (up to a junction with Przyjaźni Street);
  2. from Krakowska Street – go along Jeździecka Street and Skrajna Street, right up to the junction with Przyjaźni Street;
  3. from Klecina district – go along Wałbrzyska Street.

By city transport:

  1. buses: Klecina stop – bus 'D' and '133'
  2. tram: Klecina terminus – tram '17'


Adress: ul. Przyjaźni 66, lok. 11
Phone: +48 71 338 41 61
609 497 361
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 800-2000
Sat 900-1300

How to get to our practice

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